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The Cause

Cancer is an unwelcome guest in far too many of our homes. In fact, nearly 12,000 newly diagnosed cancer patients walk through the doors at Siteman Cancer Center every year. 

We've all heard triumphant stories that inspire hope and strength. And we've heard tragic stories that make us hope for better treatments and more ways we can help.

Nearly every person has a cancer story. These stories are the reason for the Illumination Gala.   

Your Impact on Cancer Treatments and Cures

At Illumination, our mission is to raise funds for leading-edge research to improve the way we prevent, treat and cure the many forms of cancer. Your cancer research support at the Illumination Gala will save lives by speeding lab breakthroughs into better treatments for cancer. 

Together, we can change the face of cancer. 

Right now, the world is watching Siteman Cancer Center as researchers are finding ways to harness the immune system so our bodies can better fight cancer. These researchers are also finding ways to stop cancer from spreading throughout the body. Recently, the Siteman Investment Program awarded $1.7 million in grants to support and accelerate the pace of innovation in cancer research.

Siteman Cancer has the technology, the minds and the leadership. With your gifts, Siteman physicians will reach the next frontier in cancer care sooner. 

There is power behind your giving: the power of new discoveries, the power of changing lives, the power of hope. Cancer patients everywhere are counting on us. We won't stop until we have a cure.