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Phillip Cuculich, MD, and Clifford Robinson, MD

A Game Changer in Cardiac Medicine

The best ideas are always the what if. What if ablation wasn’t so difficult? What if it wasn’t so risky? What if we could actually make it a little more effective, and what if it was a little less invasive along the way?

Phillip Cuculich, MD

Noninvasive Cardiac Radiosurgery

Leading edge physicians discuss a game changer in the way deadly heart rhythms are treated. 

The unlikely pairing of a cardiologist and radiation oncologist led to a game changer in the treatment of ventricular tachycardia, an irregular heart rhythm that can lead to sudden cardiac arrest.

When Phillip Cuculich, MD, a heart rhythm specialist, was looking for a less invasive and more accurate way to treat scarring on the heart that leads to ventricular tachycardia, he knew that a revolution was taking place in radiation therapies for cancer, the specialty of his colleague Clifford Robinson, MD.

Could these precise radiation beams be focused on the heart to eliminate this harmful scarring?

This question began a journey that led to the development a new technique, called noninvasive cardiac radiosurgery, that allows physicians to precisely target radiation therapy to a patient's heart during an appointment that lasts less than ten minutes.

Though the treatment is still in clinical trials, it shows promise to revolutionize the way we treat fatal heart conditions and offers hope to patients with no other treatment options.