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Lannis Hall, MD, MPH

Cancer in Our Community: Decreasing Disparities and Increasing Outreach

Our mission is to look at every facet of how we diagnose and treat cancer, how we prevent cancer, and make certain that all of the populations that we serve are benefiting from that research.

Saving Lives One at a Time

Lannis Hall, MD, MPH, is working with dedicated community members to reduce disparities in cancer care among African American women in St. Louis.

The burden of cancer is dramatically high in the African American community, and African American women in St. Louis have a 40 percent difference in breast cancer survival rates than white women.

Siteman Cancer Center is committed to closing this gap with the Program for the Elimination of Cancer Disparities, supported by The Foundation for Barnes-Jewish Hospital.

With help from dedicated community members, Lannis Hall, MD, MPH, director of radiation oncology, is working to dispel common cancer myths and educate communities on cancer risk and prevention—and ultimately change and save lives.