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Katherine Fuh, MD, PhD, and Greg Longmore, MD

Taking Basic Research from the Lab to Patient Care

What really drives me to do this is my patients. I don't want to see another mother, another daughter, another sister, or friend, come through my office door and die of cancer.

Katherine Fuh, MD, PhD

The Science of Cancer

Physicians work together to take their discoveries from the lab to the bedside. 

Two physician-researchers at Siteman Cancer Center are working tirelessly to understand how metastasis works and studying the basic science underlying cancer in order to stop its spread.

Katherine Fuh, MD, PhD, Siteman Cancer Center surgeon and researcher and Greg Longmore, MD, cancer researcher, demonstrate the essential partnership between clinicians who see patients and the basic science researchers who make their discoveries in the lab. Their work is giving the medical community more information on how cancer cells communicate with each other and how cells move around the body—an important step to understanding how cancer spreads.

Together, they’re bringing breakthroughs to patient care and transforming cancer care for us all.