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Mark Kodner

Hope for Parkinson's Disease

The impact of research on my life is unreal, because the medicines and the procedures and the possibilities are endless if research can continue to go on.

When Mark Kodner was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2002, he was just 42 years old with a rewarding career as a lawyer.

He was determined to make the best of his disease and learn how to work with and around the symptoms. And research advances from his physician, Joel Perlmutter, MD, Washington University neurologist and researcher at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, give him hope for the future.

Parkinson’s is a progressive disease in which patients experience both physical and cognitive symptoms, such as fatigue, muscle tremors, trouble walking and standing, confusion, and speech changes. 

Treatments exist for some of the motor symptoms, there is currently no therapy for cognitive symptoms and no way to slow or stop the disease progression. But research into new targets in the brain could lead to a better understanding of the cause and take us one step closer to a cure. 

Today, though Mark is no longer able to practice law, he surrounds himself with his family and friends to stay positive. By supporting Dr. Perlmutter’s research into Parkinson’s disease, you give patients like Mark hope.