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Leisa Zigman

Two-Time Lymphoma Survivor Vows to Live

It’s the research and it’s the stories of the people who have made it to the other side that give others hope.

Clinical Trials Offer Hope

Leisa Zigman has fought a long cancer battle. Her physician Nancy Bartlett, MD, made sure she was part of the latest clinical trials. 

When Leisa Zigman volunteered to help raise money for research at Siteman Cancer Center, she had no idea she would one day benefit from the very research she was helping to fund.

Leisa was diagnosed with Stage IV non-hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2010. After more than two years of treatment, she went into remission, but the cancer later returned.

Her physician Nancy Barlett, MD, told her about a clinical trial at Siteman for an exciting new immunotherapy treatment. Though there is no cure for the cancer, the clinical trial offers hope of harnessing the patient’s immune system to beat the disease.

Now, back in remission, Leisa is living her life to the fullest and giving other patients hope.