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Alzheimer's Disease Early Detection: SILQ Research Center Case

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Critical breakthroughs in diagnostic technologies that can lead to early intervention will alter the course of treatment currently provided for patients with Alzheimer’s disease. Enhanced diagnostic capabilities will lead to much earlier therapies with outcomes that will combat and/or delay the onset of this devastating disease.

Stronger by the Dozen

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The future of Alzheimer’s disease is changed by transformational giving from a family of 12 siblings and their spouses.

Dr. David Holtzman Honored with 2021 President’s Achievement Award

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The Foundation for Barnes-Jewish Hospital has awarded the 2021 President’s Achievement Award to David M. Holtzman, MD.  The award is given to a physician or faculty partner whose distinct and extraordinary accomplishments are advancing medicine, ensuring the delivery of world class patient care, and educating the next generation of clinicians.

Family First

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Nothing stops Marci Boyer from spending time with her children, even when multiple sclerosis has tried to slow her down. Marci puts her family first with the help of two important doctors in her life.

When Alzheimer's Disease Hits Home

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To better help his wife now and in the future as the disease progresses, Robert began seeking more information about Alzheimer’s disease. When they discovered the volume of Alzheimer’s disease research taking place at Barnes-Jewish Hospital and Washington University School of Medicine, the Willmans were amazed. “We are so fortunate to be near the foremost centers for Alzheimer’s disease research,” Robert says. “Some of the most groundbreaking research is taking place right here, in our backyard.”