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Giving to the Foundation offers you so many ways to make a difference

Our partnership with Barnes-Jewish Hospital, Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital, Siteman Cancer Center, Washington University School of Medicine, BJC Home Care and Hospice, Evelyn’s House, and Barnes-Jewish College's Goldfarb School of Nursing is key to the groundbreaking research and patient care we support. 
These partners are pillars of our community that give hope to our patients and families facing the most difficult and complex health challenges. And our donors are critical to the leading-edge care these organizations provide. 

Donors to the Foundation impact patient care in every area, including cancer, neurology and neurosurgery, hospice care, heart and vascular, nursing education, organ transplant, orthopedics and more. By supporting one of these areas, you can change a patient’s life today.  

Cancer add

Siteman Cancer Center is one of the largest cancer centers in the United States and one of the few nationally to receive the highest rating of the National Cancer Institute: “exceptional.” The Foundation for Barnes-Jewish Hospital is proud to partner with the world-renowned physician-scientists at Siteman to accelerate cancer research.

Through the generosity of donors, the Foundation provides funding to spark scientific discoveries that may lead to treatment breakthroughs. Your gifts provide critical seed money for Siteman researchers to hone their ideas, gather pilot data, and ultimately gain broader funding to bring new treatments to patients faster.

With your help, the most significant cancer research in the world will happen right here in St. Louis for generations to come. And better cancer prevention, treatments, and care will be attainable sooner—improving the lives of cancer patients and giving them more time to make memories with their families.

BJC Home Care and Hospice, Evelyn's House add

Evelyn’s House is a much-needed hospice house in St. Louis that offers more options for specialized end-of-life care for both adult and pediatric patients. Evelyn’s House was made possible by gifts to The Foundation for Barnes-Jewish Hospital.

The 16-bed hospice house, located on the campus of Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital, is named in honor of Evelyn Newman, a prominent St. Louis community leader and philanthropist who passed away in 2015 at age 95.

A hospice-specialized care team provides palliative care focused on enhancing quality of life for both patients and their families. The facility features dedicated music and art therapy rooms, a chapel and meditation room, and a sleeping area for family, among other amenities.

Ongoing gifts from donors to the Foundation ensure hospice patients receive the best care in warm, comfortable surroundings with the involvement of family members and caregivers. Donor gifts also support various programs within hospice that make the life journey more fulfilling for patients and families.

Nursing Education add

Goldfarb School of Nursing at Barnes-Jewish College educates future nurses who are driven to make a difference in the lives of others. The Foundation for Barnes-Jewish Hospital supports this mission by awarding scholarships to students at Goldfarb each year.

The journey to becoming a nurse can be challenging both academically and financially. As we face a growing need for nurses in the health care field and rising educational costs across the board, scholarships through the Foundation are more critical than ever to ensure the brightest—and most compassionate—students have the opportunity to pursue their passion for nursing at Goldfarb.

Your support will help ensure students receive the best start possible. By making a gift to support scholarships at Goldfarb, you’re not just advancing the best health care in the region—you’re changing the lives of students.

Transplant add

The Washington University and Barnes-Jewish Hospital Transplant Center has one of the oldest and most established transplant programs in the country. It is the only comprehensive transplant center in the region for heart, kidney, liver and lung transplants, with outcomes that meet or exceed national averages.

The mini-nephrectomy, developed at Barnes-Jewish, is just one example of donor-supported research that led to transplant procedures with less pain, decreased risk of infections and shorter hospital stays. The procedure, now used with patients across the country, uses a keyhole incision a fraction of the size of the traditional 10-inch incision.

Physican-scientists in the transplant center continue to pioneer procedures that improve the lives of patients. Exciting developments—supported by donors The Foundation for Barnes-Jewish Hospital—are changing the outlook for patients in need of these lifesaving procedures.

Neurosciences add

Donors to The Foundation for Barnes-Jewish Hospital support research and patient care that help make the neurology and neurosurgery departments at Barnes-Jewish Hospital and Washington University School of Medicine world leaders.

Funding through the Foundation enables physician-scientists to develop better treatments for neurological conditions, including Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and many others.

For example, physician-scientists are studying new prevention strategies and potential treatments for Alzheimer’s disease and researching new treatments that greatly reduce relapse rates and slow disease progression for multiple sclerosis patients.

Gifts to the Foundation also help neurosurgeons set a new standard of surgical care and give hope to patients with the most complex, difficult-to-treat brain tumors. Gifts have supported the purchase of an Intraoperative MRI facility that allows neurosurgeons to immediately obtain a scan to know whether they have removed all of a tumor during surgery, as well as research into the development of new neurosurgery techniques such as laser-based surgery, which allows surgeons to kill brain tumors from the inside out with precision.

Healthy Future Fund add

The Healthy Future Fund makes it possible for The Foundation for Barnes-Jewish Hospital to address community health needs and advances priorities, such as the eradication of health disparities.

Right now, our physician-scientists at Barnes-Jewish Hospital and Washington University School of Medicine are collaborating to create solutions to combat such health concerns as the opioid crisis and other mental health issues, infant mortality and breast cancer rates in the underserved areas of our region.

Your support ensures much needed health care in our community.



Heart and Vascular add

Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the United States, accounting for one in four deaths each year. The physician-researchers in the Heart & Vascular Center at Barnes-Jewish Hospital and Washington University School of Medicine, with the support of The Foundation for Barnes-Jewish Hospital, are working to change these statistics.

Our physician-scientists have pioneered and perfected some of the most significant cardiovascular procedures that are now in use worldwide, including the Cox-Maze procedure, today’s surgical standard for correcting atrial fibrillation.

Our donors make possible research to explore and investigate the most promising ideas, resulting in new technology, procedures, processes and devices that improve the lives of patients with cardiovascular conditions. With your support, physician-scientists can develop and improve interventional technologies to better diagnose and treat cardiovascular disease less invasively and with faster recovery times.